About Us

“Managers fix small problems and create co-dependency. Great leaders create big problems and inspire others’ innovation.”


In 2015, I asked my son Joel where I should volunteer on my Intel sabbatical since he had recently volunteered in eight countries. He said to join him in East Africa since they were the most teachable and fastest changing. Within days, I asked my driver how could “Africa move to Factory and eCommerce in one generation for 100 times wealth”? I answered with microloans and training, and ACAID was born. The next 7 years I got one vacation a year and spent those 3 weeks in East Africa. In 2021, I retired to spend full time with ACAID and four months a year in Africa, where I still ask every entrepreneur “how can your business be 100 times bigger”?

“Africa is the next China. It’s the youngest, fastest learning and adoption for phones, mobile pay, eCommerce, factory and disruptive entrepreneurs.” 

Directors and Trainers

Martin Karazawe

Director of eCommerce

          Martin is ACAID’s eCommerce Director and Trainer across 30 clubs and four high schools, teaching them to form teams to build local sites, then ACAID pays for their company formation and websites.

          He teaches eCommerce job skills for teams to become ACAID-certified, including: usability, responsive from phone to PC, security, backup, manage all code in git, blog, payment gateway and direct delivery. He also teaches our web  skills including: WordPress5, WooCommerce6, HTML5, CSS3, Javasript, PHP, mySQL, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). 

          Martin has over 5 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, online marketing, SEO, and driving traffic and sales to websites

          He is a strategic thinker and hands-on manager, who comes up with creative solutions to problems. Martin uses a variety of multimedia tools to create digital content, including videos, audio recordings, websites, and social media posts.

His multimedia design tool skills include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, After Effects and InDesign.

          Martin has a Higher Diploma in Multimedia design (HDIM) with 6 years of experience working in creative environments. He understands the principles of design, typography, color theory, and layout.

Israel Haumba

Director of Innovation

          Israel Haumba considers himself a “lifelong student,” eager to build on his academic foundations in business, entrepreneurship, and software programming, by staying current in digital strategies through continued coursework and professional development.

          Israel‘s determination to turn information into action has contributed to his most recent position as ACAID Director of Innovation, where he leads managing the procurement processes, supply relations, and maximizing ACAID factories.

          Israel believes that software programming and entrepreneurship skills are the building blocks of critical thinking in life. He has a life-long obsession with making things and working with computers, his way to connect himself with nature. The simple acts of shaping new
companies and programs to make something functional or beautiful brings him endless satisfaction.

          His current focus is moving Africa to eCommerce sites and factories in one generation, by creating national cultures of web development and human-centered design, where every student teaches other students to teach other students.

Board of Directors

Tim Abels

Tim Abels is a serial entrepreneur, technology disruptor, innovator, investor and global ministry leader. His startups include two IPO, third sold to Sprint, initial Microsoft Visual Studio, last 5 divisions at Dell, Intel Capital cloud startup in 2021, and two large non-profits. Tim was a Principal Engineer at Intel where he was Director of Innovation Lab. He co-chaired Dell patent committee for 7 years and filed over 100 patents. He evaluated over 500 startups for Intel Capital, Austin Ventures and Dell Ventures, including VMware investment and later acquisition. Tim earned his master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.

Charles Asafo-Adjei
Coming soon: board members details.
Steven Bruss
Coming soon: board members details.
Chris Abels

Leads ACAID tailor microloans and training with Faith, who trains business-side of tailors to double their business. Co-founder and board treasurer with www.the-storehouse.org Austin Texas 2001-2011, with free food bank, medical on Mondays, ESL training, 53 ft semis to floods and Mexico, clients earned $10/hour in goods at 18,000 sq ft thrift sore on I-35 mall (exit 251) next to Dell headquarters.

Rich Mason
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Africa International University. Hosts Lions Den Nairobi in June 2023


Venture Capitalists leading Africa investments, including Lions Den investor-entrepreneur meetups, initially in Nairobi, Gulu, Kampala.


free law services in Kampala for early entrepreneurs.


vocational training at Bethany Farm Uganda in construction, fish farms, vanilla and cash crops.


entrepreneur incubator in Gulu, including Takataka (Paige - PhD Berkeley), KijaniTrees (Quinn - MS Cambridge), Ribbo Coffee (Innocent - Michigan State U)


50 pre-coded machines: tractor, ground nut grinder, sugar juicer… built with open source www.freeCADweb.org, parametric modeling programs used in industrial design and mechanical engineering.