11,000 Microloans: with no interest, collateral or ownership. Community Loan Team (CLT) of five approves loans and seed, notifies ACAID if generous teacher deserves larger loan for machinery, factory or direct-to-customer (D2C, like Amazon) company for 100x wealth. Payback stays in their community and revolves up to 4x/year. Local banks charge 24%, so a (-year loan has to pay back four times or they take back their land. The local CLT makes final loan approvals, bu ACAID provides giudance favoring need and strategic 100x growth:


 Most loans go to the highest unemployed: single moms, disabled and youth. They can now afford school, medical and clean water.


 most loans after 2021 are machinery, factory, disruptive or direct-to-customer (D2C).


ACAID gives guidance for reasonable payback terms, which CLT can easily extend while clients make reasonable effort.

On default:

The CLT will take back the remaining amount they loaned them (ex: half the chickens) and give to neighbor’s loan. ACAID will always prosecute and collect this. Further, default client cannot get future larger loans, seed, training, factory, website, etc.