Mission, Vision and Values

Background: Like China, Africa is a mix of poverty and extreme business growth.

  • Two billion live on less than $2/day and will never have clean water, school or medical. They live between the equator and 45° latitude, from North Africa through India.
  • Uganda: has over 50% unemployment, especially women and covid-impacted. Foreign factories pay $0.83 to $1.50 per day for 10-12 hours work.

Our Mission

  • To move Africa to Factory and eCommerce in one generation for 100 times wealth, using microloans and training, all under the control of local communities.
  • To publicize that Africa is the next China. It’s the youngest, fastest learning and adoption for phones, mobile pay, eCommerce, factory, innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

  • 100% donations to revolving loans that stay in their community (avoids banks, with 24% interest). Direct from USA 501c3 bank to their community leader team (CLT) bank. No cost or staff in USA or Africa. Board pays for website and local trainers, for 100% to local community.
  • 100% loans for client’s money-maker to escape poverty. No interest, no collateral and no control like habitat.org
  • 100% control by Community (CLT), like com. CLT report on first of month. CLT prioritize loans for need: single moms, disabled and youth and for strategic 100 times growth.
  • 100% transformational: every community 100 times wealth after training, factory and eCommerce. Most loans include machinery, factory, websites, direct to customers (D2C), innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs.
  • 100% accountable: monthly reports per community. Table with who, what, when, how much, need and productivity. We inspect businesses. Transparent USA finances and aggregated reports (no private info) will be visible on website – coming soon.
  • 100% open source: freely reusable software and tools including: WordPress, WooCommerce, LibreOffice and freeCAD. And ACAID training and web hosting.

Our values

  • Rewarding generous, teachers-of-many with largest loans (factories and eCommerce) movement changes culture.
  •  Sustainable businesses and communities, requires empowerment and knowledge, initially microloans and training.
  • Most foreign aid has created unsustainable welfare and