Sucess Stories

30 Web Designers in Kampala.

Sewing center in Kawempe with 18 students.

Sewing student who got loan for her own business on major, paved road.

Mom in Kawempe slums with 7 kids. They were abandoned since youngest has Down Syndrome (in picture).
Loan bought this house where she: planted corn, bought chickens and started her charcoal-making business.

Susan’s loan of $14 in Mpatta for a can to sell gas to motorcycle taxis. Paid back, then bought larger can and peanut seeds.

Disan loan for carpenter equip. He employs his son and boys without dads

Nelson in Bethany village, loan for 80 chickens. He is saving for medical school to be a doctor.

Eva’s craft-making staff of 15 girls who avoid sex traffic in Kamuli.

Richard melting bags for 6 packs of his baked corn, nuts and soy.
Severe financial issues prior to this thriving business his dad taught him.

Teacher Ronnie was unemployed for 2 years since schools did not open till Jan 2022. Now makes more from his Piggery than teaching.

Esther paid back her loan for store, then loaned her 2.5M shilling profit to 4 relatives’ businesses. Like ACAid, all loans were free of interest, collateral and control.

Man (in yellow shirt) house fell. Bugiri community donated funds to fix everything.