Web Training

1,100 Developers: at 20 community clubs and 4 High Schools are trained in open source WordPress5 and WooCommerce6 that runs 1/3 of all eCommerce sites. The sites they build are direct-to- customer (D2C) mobile pay and direct delivery so no middlemen. With LocalWP all work is done on laptop, until site is stored in git and posted to live site, so no internet. On the first day, students get everything on Flash Drive (books, training, videos, tools, installs) that they can freely copy, improve and share.
1. Teams build free websites for community businesses that ACAID hosts free.
2. ACAID certifies team sites quality, pays for their company registration and website, and showcases their sites on https://acaid.org/portfolio-of-web-sites/ with link so West companies outsource website dev. Local companies get 100%.
3. Their staff make more than local doctors. And download more free training at https://acaid.org/training-partners/

High Schools:

Maranatha in Ggaba, City View in Kawempe, Cornerstone Girls Academy and Makerere north of Kawempe. To get an ‘A’, Senior5 teams must form a company and website during their semester. Pre-senior5 students can help them. 

Community Clubs:

in Kawempe and Katwe slums, Bethany, Bugiri, Ggaba, Gulu, Jinja, Kampala, Mayuge, Mukono. Just added many in Nairobi and Eldoret Kenya.

Communities start with a full week’s training on our 10 laptops. Local trainers are identified and train on two new laptops that we leave there (see $330 laptops at www.amazon.com/dp/B08VKT45K4/). Teams are formed and compete for prizes.

For high schools or communities clubs to schedule training:

In Uganda contact: martinKarazarwe@ACAID.org with grade, number of students and location. With subject line: Web Training.

In Kenya contact: IsraelHaumba@ACAID.org with grade, number of students, and location. With subject line: Web Training.