Engineer Training

In Spring, we’re adding high school clubs for engineering. On first day, students get all training videos, tools and installs on Flash Drive including open source, parametric modeling programs used in industrial design and mechanical engineering, similar to proprietary SolidWorks. 50 pre-coded machines include tractor, ground nut grinder, sugar juicer that we can fabricate in Kampala.

In Fall, student teams must improve existing machine or define new machine to get an ‘A’. In second semester, teams must register as company and have website to get an ‘A’. We will certify their engineering skills, help them patent their best inventions (100% their company as always), and showcase their best inventions and skills for West to outsource on coming portfolio page of entrepreneurs.

See our partner to download 50 pre-coded machines: tractor, ground nut grinder, sugar juicer… all built with open source

For high schools or community clubs to schedule training contact  with grade, number of students and location. With subject line: Engneer training