Feed Mill:

Most generous, teacher of many, gets milling factory. 1,000 nearby farmers keep over 90% of factory value, instead of current 10%. Millers loan ($2,700) payback stays in that community and revolves up to 4x/year. Training and Manuals for Operations and Optimal Feed Mixes.

3-in-1 Mill:

 Combines animal feed, hulling and people food machines at $4,000 per 3-in-1 factory. Hulling can be used for feed and people food (posho, i.e. corn grits) benefits 1,000 area homes and schools. Training and Manuals adds Operating 3 Machines and Nutritious Food Mixes including instant porridge (just add boiling water).

Coffee Roasting:

Factories started Dec 18, initially Gulu. Includes machines for coffee processing, grading and roasting. Available in diesel or 3phase electric.


 Farm co-ops rent factories so workers get over 75% of cash crops: coffee, vanilla, fabric, tea, sugar, chocolate. Otherwise, ACAID builds these factories for most popular crop, initially maize and coffee.